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EUCIS-LLL position on “Rethinking Education”

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The recent release of the Commission’s Communication on “Rethinking Education: Investing in Education for better socio-economic outcomes” reflects the political necessity to give a new conceptual framework to emerging key challenges in education and training. If EUCIS-LLL agrees that it is timely to reflect upon how education and training systems can contribute to economic recovery, it nevertheless regrets the very narrow approach taken in the document, notably in terms of competences. EUCIS-LLL invites EU institutions to adopt a broader, more ambitious and forward-looking strategy that would cover formal, non-formal and informal learning in a life-wide and learner-centred approach. EUCIS-LLL also stresses the need for more coherence within the whole package and for a clear implementation roadmap.



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Institutional events:

  • 16 May: ALDE seminar on “Rethinking Education”, European Parliament
  • 26 March 2013: S&D Roundtable on “Rethinking Education”, European Parliament
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