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EUCIS-LLL key messages for the European Education, Training and Youth Forum 2012

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The European Education, Training and Youth Forum 2012 was organised by the European Commission with the support of EUCIS-LLL. Prior to the Forum, an online consultation was organised to collect first answers to the topics of the Forum. The consultation was sent to more than 2000 education stakeholders, from policy makers to education and training providers. EUCIS-LLL collected the results and published a Communiqué with key messages issued from the consultation. According to them, education and training should be inclusive and address all types of learners at all ages and adopt a holistic approach including the validation and recognition of non-formal and informal learning and their quality assurance. Quality expenditures in E&T should be seen as a smart and necessary investment for the future; financial support and capacity building for civil society organisations is as well strongly recommended as they are multipliers of EU policies in E&T and can voice citizens’ concerns in a bottom-up approach.

Check the EUCIS-LLL Communiqué Forum 2012.

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