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“New Skills for new jobs” Expert Group Report: more focus on inclusion, continuity and progression!

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In 2009, an independent high-level expert group was set up to advice the Commission on how to advance the “New Skills for New Jobs” agenda. On 4th February 2010, the experts presented their policy-oriented recommendations at the conference «New Skills for New Jobs (NSNJ): Action Now». Michel Feutrie, EUCIS-LLL General Secretary, was invited to participate in one of the panels and expressed some concerns about the report. EUCIS-LLL supported the overall approach of the report and welcomed its focus on the need to move towards implementation. It nevertheless expressed some concerns that even though it shares the need for excellence, the high expectations set in the text could deepen the gap between high skilled and low skilled people. EUCIS-LLL recommended that the DG EAC and DG EMPL put more focus on inclusion in setting up their agenda for NSNJ. In June 2010, following the NSNJ conference, EUCIS-LLL sent a letter with a set of recommendations to Jordi Curell, Director in DG EAC & Xavier Prats Monné, Director of DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

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  •  EUCIS-LLL paper on the expert report, 2010
  •  Agenda for New Skills and Jobs – DG EAC website
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