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EUCIS-LLL position: “Fostering entrepreneurial mindsets”

Competences & skills -

Within the last ten years, entrepreneurship skills have been prioritised in the EU agenda for a more competitive and innovative Union; this interest for our citizens’ sense of initiative and creativity has even increased in a context of crisis where growth and employment are the key words for recovery. EUCIS-LLL points out the need to better define the concept, approach and scope of entrepreneurship education as a condition for trust and collaboration between actors. EUCIS-LLL particularly stresses the need to have a broad understanding of the entrepreneurship competence as a set of transversal competences not only aimed at setting up a business. It also raises awareness on the need to develop social entrepreneurship, teacher training and recognition and validation of entrepreneurial competences acquired in non-formal and informal learning. This paper follows up on the outcomes of the workshop held on entrepreneurship competences during EUCIS-LLL 2013 Annual Conference as well as a policy debate on “Entrepreneurship skills: common understanding? Common expectations?” organised in the European Parliament and hosted by MEP Heinz K. Becker in June 2013.

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