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Citizenship & civil dialogue

Active citizenship is one of the core values of the platform. EUCIS-LLL aims to build a citizen’s voice on education and training issues through participative democracy – but also to ensure that active citizenship is among the main motives of European policy-makers while designing and implementing lifelong learning strategies. EUCIS-LLL believes that education and training is key to democratic and civic participation, at the national level but also at the European level.

Education to Foster Intercultural understanding and solidarity in Europe: now including 21 good practices!

As part of the commemoration of the January 2015 attacks in Paris against freedom of speech and thus, against the core of European fundamental values, the LLLPlatform released a Position Paper on “Education to foster intercultural understanding and solidarity in …

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LLLWeek2015: Policy Debate Reports now available!

From 30 November to 4 December 2015, the LLLPlatform held its 5th LLLWeek in Brussels, Belgium, this year under the patronage of MEP Krystyna Lybacka (S&D, PL). Many events took place during the week, in and out of the European …

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Overcoming the crisis: the fundamental role of education

Brussels,  24 September 2015 Europe is experiencing what has been called an unprecedented “refugee crisis”. On 23 September 2015, Member States adopted the Decision to relocate 120,000 refugees in clear need of international protection, in provenance  from Italy, Greece and other Member States …

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Education to foster Intercultural Understanding and Solidarity in Europe

position paper_citizenship

As part of the commemoration of the January 2015 attacks in Paris against freedom of speech and thus, against the core of European fundamental values, the LLLPlatform releases its first Position Paper for 2016: Education to foster intercultural understanding and …

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EUCIS-LLL Press Release – Education Matters!


Brussels, 16/02/2015 At the extraordinary European Council meeting in Brussels last week EU leaders discussed the EU’s counter-terrorism measures in the wake of the attacks in Paris. The meeting was proposed by French MEP Alain Lamassoure, urging that it is …

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EUCIS-LLL press release: Volunteers: towards a better recognition of their contribution to build a fairer society


Volunteering plays an indispensable and capital role in lifelong learning. In education and training, volunteers are young people, parents, learners or educators of all ages committed to improve education and training systems. Volunteers develop personal, social and civic competences that …

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EUCIS-LLL contribution to the public consultation on the Europe 2020 Strategy

The Europe 2020 strategy, launched in March 2010, for promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth is built around five headline targets in the areas of employment, research and development, climate and energy, education and the fight against poverty and social …

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EUCIS-LLL contributes to Commission Stakeholders’ consultation guidelines

Stakeholders’ consultations help to make EU law making more transparent, targeted and coherent. It is enshrined in the Treaties. Consultations – together with impact assessments, evaluations and expertise – are a key tool for transparent and informed policy making if …

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EUCIS-LLL proposal for a Lifelong Learning Intergroup in the European Parliament

EUCIS-LLL works as a space for knowledge exchange between its member networks and uses their expertise to discuss and feed in EU policy-making, making sure that European citizens have their voice heard. In that sense EUCIS-LLL contributes to a better …

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EUCIS-LLL and transparency

EUCIS-LLL works with other NGOs to support transparency and civil society participation in EU decision-making. In many policy areas corporate or private interests dominate the expert groups that advice the European Commission in drafting its various communications. EUCIS-LLL worked for …

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EUCIS-LLL survey on partnerships, Erasmus+

EUCIS-LLL organised a survey on partnerships to feed in the discussions of the 2013 European Education, Training and Youth Forum. This annual Forum aims to bring together various stakeholders  in order to discuss key EU policy developments. The 2013 Forum was …

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EUCIS-LLL Manifesto “Building together the future of learning”


The 2014 European elections will provide the right momentum to think about the future of learning in Europe. The current economic and social crisis gave a new impetus to deeper cooperation in education and training with a high focus on …

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Civic education under threat in Spain!

The Spanish government has proposed in its draft “Education Act for the Improvement of Educational Quality” to suppress Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights in primary, secondary, and baccalaureate programmes. EUCIS-LLL feels that this is a wrong signal sent …

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Open Letter: Future of ‘Europe for Citizens’ Programme

On 27 of June, nearly 100 organisations and networks, both European and national, signed an open letter to support the “Europe for Citizens” Programme. We find it unacceptable that while the EU celebrates the European Year of Citizens in 2013 …

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EUCIS-LLL key messages on the “European Year 2013 of Citizens”

The Commission proposed to make 2013 the “European Year of Citizens” to mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of union citizenship (Maastricht Treaty). The aim is to raise citizens’ awareness of their right to reside freely within the EU …

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Volunteering and lifelong learning

The value of volunteering goes far beyond the provision of services and economic growth. It is an expression of active citizenship and therefore enriches democracy and contributes to develop solidarity and social cohesion, a value which is not only in …

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EUCIS-LLL 10 key points on active citizenship and lifelong learning

Apart from its role of imparting learning content, education and training have a crucial social and civic role to play. They contribute to the strengthening of democracy and of social cohesion. The results of the European elections, with a European …

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EUCIS-LLL key messages on the European Year 2011 of Volunteering

The value of volunteering is to be an expression of active citizenship that enriches democracy and contributes to develop solidarity and social cohesion, a value which is not only in great need in the current economic and social climate, but …

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EUCIS-LLL communication “Citizenship is more than communication!”

EUCIS-LLL regularly reminds the Commission about the need to implement article 11 of the Lisbon Treaty, to ensure that organised civil society and their representative associations are actively involved in the formulation of European policies. Rules must be established. EUCIS-LLL …

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