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EUCIS-LLL proposal for a Lifelong Learning Intergroup in the European Parliament

Citizenship & civil dialogue -

EUCIS-LLL works as a space for knowledge exchange between its member networks and uses their expertise to discuss and feed in EU policy-making, making sure that European citizens have their voice heard. In that sense EUCIS-LLL contributes to a better understanding and dialogue between the grassroots level and European institutions.

In the aftermath of the European elections we advocate for the setting up of a Lifelong learning Intergroup in the European Parliament. Intergroups represent a very interesting working format because they can be formed by MEPs from any political group and any committee and because they enable informal exchanges on particular subjects and promote contacts between MEPs and civil society. Setting up an intergroup on lifelong learning represents a great opportunity to tackle key European challenges for the future of Europe in a comprehensive and participative way. Tackling the current situation requires new coordination mechanisms and bodies to connect the various policies and players in an operational manner.  We need a vision to ensure our education and training systems deliver better for economic development, social and civic participation, personal fulfilment and well-being. This is why an intergroup on lifelong learning is so important in terms of coordination, efficiency and participation as well as to ensure the strategic political involvement of the European Parliament in European complex and interlinked processes in education, training and lifelong learning.


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