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EUCIS-LLL key messages on the “European Year 2013 of Citizens”

Citizenship & civil dialogue -

The Commission proposed to make 2013 the “European Year of Citizens” to mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of union citizenship (Maastricht Treaty). The aim is to raise citizens’ awareness of their right to reside freely within the EU and of how they can benefit from them. EUCIS-LLL welcomes the initiative that can give a stronger focus to topics that are crucial for our organisations such as the recognition and validation of diplomas and qualifications. However, EUCIS-LLL vision on what European Citizenship implies goes beyond and includes important topics such as education to (European) citizenship or civil dialogue and participatory democracy that are so crucial to re-connect citizens to the EU project especially one year before the European elections. See EUCIS-LLL key messages. EUCIS-LLL is also a member of the coalition of NGOs “European Year of Citizens 2013 Alliance” led by the European Civic Forum to push the European institutions to broaden their perspective but also to allocate a proper budget to the EY2013.

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