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EUCIS-LLL 10 key points on active citizenship and lifelong learning

Citizenship & civil dialogue -

Apart from its role of imparting learning content, education and training have a crucial social and civic role to play. They contribute to the strengthening of democracy and of social cohesion. The results of the European elections, with a European turnout of 43.1 %, teach us a lesson. Most citizens do not feel their vote will change the way the EU functions and sometimes do not even know what is going on in Brussels. How to create the conditions for a better appropriation of the European construction? In September 2009, EUCIS-LLL organized a public hearing on “LLL, a key to achieve European active citizenship” and issued a position paper stating some proposals to make European active citizenship a reality in Europe.

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  • EUCIS-LLL 10 key points on active citizenship and lifelong learning
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