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Access, diversity & culture

Access to education and training at all ages is essential so that every individual, whatever his origin, socio-economic background, mental or physical condition, gender or age can benefit from tailored learning opportunities. In the framework of the Europe 2020 growth strategy, the European institutions have approved several flagship initiatives to guarantee an equal access to education and training, such as the Digital Agenda and the European platform against poverty. Access to lifelong learning is a matter of equal chances to participate fully in society, get high-quality jobs and achieve personal development. Fighting against discriminations in education and ensuring individual pathways for all kinds of learners is one of the main goals of EUCIS-LLL.

Education to Foster Intercultural understanding and solidarity in Europe: now including 21 good practices!

As part of the commemoration of the January 2015 attacks in Paris against freedom of speech and thus, against the core of European fundamental values, the LLLPlatform released a Position Paper on “Education to foster intercultural understanding and solidarity in …

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New LLLP Position Paper on Learning Participation now out!


A clear and urgent challenge for our educational systems is to better adapt to the needs of modern societies. Today’s learners expect “complimentary chains” between formal, non-formal and informal learning, which involves better-designed innovative and collaborative learning methodologies and assessment procedures, going beyond …

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LLLWeek2015: Policy Debate Reports now available!

From 30 November to 4 December 2015, the LLLPlatform held its 5th LLLWeek in Brussels, Belgium, this year under the patronage of MEP Krystyna Lybacka (S&D, PL). Many events took place during the week, in and out of the European …

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Overcoming the crisis: the fundamental role of education

Brussels,  24 September 2015 Europe is experiencing what has been called an unprecedented “refugee crisis”. On 23 September 2015, Member States adopted the Decision to relocate 120,000 refugees in clear need of international protection, in provenance  from Italy, Greece and other Member States …

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LLL Interest Group meeting on the role of education for personal development

On 16 February, the LLL Interest Group met to discuss “Personal development and well-being in learning” at the European Parliament. Chaired by MEP Sirpa Pietikainen (EPP, FI), the debate was opened with a presentation by Jean Gordon, Researcher in Educational Policy and on …

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Education to foster Intercultural Understanding and Solidarity in Europe

position paper_citizenship

As part of the commemoration of the January 2015 attacks in Paris against freedom of speech and thus, against the core of European fundamental values, the LLLPlatform releases its first Position Paper for 2016: Education to foster intercultural understanding and …

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Gender equality: Success factor for lifelong learning strategies!


On 8 March the International Women’s Day took place, highlighting progress all over the world in reaching equality for women’s social, economic and political participation. This year the UN theme “Empowering Women – Empowering Humanity: Picture It!” envisions a world …

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EUCIS-LLL contribution to the Commission consultation on review of existing VAT legislation

EUCIS-LLL welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the Commission consultation on the Review of existing VAT legislation on public bodies and tax exemptions in the public interest. While EUCIS-LLL recognises that VAT legislation on public bodies and tax exemptions in …

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EUCIS-LLL position on Opening Up Education: mainstreaming and prioritizing digital access in LLL

“Disruptive innovation”, “tsunami”, “first genuine revolution since Gutenberg”… a lot of hopes and fears have emerged in the past years on Open Educational Resources (OERs), making more vivid than ever the debate on harnessing the potential of ICT for education …

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EUCIS-LLL Manifesto “Building together the future of learning”


The 2014 European elections will provide the right momentum to think about the future of learning in Europe. The current economic and social crisis gave a new impetus to deeper cooperation in education and training with a high focus on …

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Building synergies between education and culture

This is a joint position paper elaborated by EUCIS-LLL, the Access to Culture Platform and Culture Action Europe to call the EU to bridge education and culture strategies and policies at EU level. The idea of a common position was …

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Social innovation: “New ways to provide new skills for new societies”

Encouraging social innovation is a key to reach the ambitious targets set in the Europe 2020 Strategy and in the Education and Training 2020 work programme. We believe that lifelong learning is a driver of social innovation and it is …

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The social dimension of education and training should be a priority in Europe

To mark the release of its publication on the social dimension of education and training, EUCIS-LLL reminds European policy engagements to invest in education and training and particularly to ensure that nobody is left behind in the current economic crisis. …

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The Digital Agenda and the Digital Inclusion roadmap: enlarging participation by offering opportunities in schools and out-of-school

To allow individuals to understand, analyse and act upon the world they live in, digital competences are essential. Our citizens need basic ICT skills as well as media and digital literacy. EUCIS-LLL believes that promoting digital inclusion requires a global …

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Stop austerity measures in Education and Training in Europe!

Poor access to lifelong learning limits people’s ability to access high-quality jobs and participate fully in society. This is why in view of the ambitious goals set up by the “Europe 2020” Strategy and in the context of the current …

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EUCIS-LLL messages on migration and lifelong learning

Education and training is a fundamental human right which has the potential to empower people to exercise their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. The successful integration of populations with migrant background within our education and training systems should …

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EUCIS-LLL messages on access to lifelong learning for disabled people

The issue of disability should be considered in-depth in the frame of human rights as it is the case in the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. The EU is adopting legislations that are essentially focused on …

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