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The social dimension of education and training should be a priority in Europe

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To mark the release of its publication on the social dimension of education and training, EUCIS-LLL reminds European policy engagements to invest in education and training and particularly to ensure that nobody is left behind in the current economic crisis. “The austerity measures put in place by EU Member States are having an adverse effect by acting on investments in education and training. They could impede reaching of headline targets in the Europe 2020 strategy and be a burden on people that are already disadvantaged” said Gina Ebner, EUCIS-LLL President. Cuts in adult education, schools, teacher training or popular education will have far-reaching consequences that will hurt Europe in the long-term. Instead EUCIS-LLL invites the EU and its Member States to adopt sustainable, inclusive and smart strategies.

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  •  Publication on the Social Dimension of Education and Training, October 2011
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