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The National Student Fee and Support Systems in European Higher Education 2014/2015 report

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unnamed (3)This report analyses the student fees and support systems (grants and loans) across European countries. It covers 33 European countries of the Eurydice network. The report finds that a significant number of systems apply a ‘no fee’ regime for all students. In most European countries, a minority of students receive support in the form of grants and they are often allocated on a combination of need-based and merit-based criteria. Publicly subsidised loans play a significant role in student support in around half of the countries. Separate countries sheets also provide national descriptions and country specific diagrammes. ESU reacted to the meeting of the Directors General for Higher Education of the EU Member States. In their opinion, the Commission seemed to interpret the results of the study on fees in a way as to invite Member States to introduce or increase students’ tuition fees and reminded that this is an area where the Commission had no direct competence.

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