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Recommended Annual Instruction Full-time Compulsory Education in Europe 2014/15

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An analysis of recommended annual instruction time suggests that countries have a very similar focus on key basic competences in compulsory education. At primary level, most countries’ main focus is on reading, writing and literature (about 25 % of total instruction time). Mathematics takes the second largest share of total instruction time, at around 15 %. Many countries put a stronger focus on languages at compulsory secondary level compared to primary level. The report also finds that only a minority of countries allow for the flexible allocation of time between and across grades. It includes information on instruction time in national data sheets, and country specific notes. The data is presented in diagrams, detailing instruction time by country, by grade and by subject. Data collection took place across all 28 EU Member States and beyond. Data collection was a joint undertaking between the Eurydice network and the OECD (NESLI network).

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