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OECD develops PISA-Based Test for Schools

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The OECD has developed a new tool based on its Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) to help individual schools benchmark their students. Intended for assessing 15-year old youngsters, this tool will give teachers a more complete picture of student performance on reading, maths and sciences than normal tests allow so that they can work out the best way to improve results. The European Commission believes that science education is key to innovation, with some 20 million new, high-skilled jobs expected to be created by 2020. Tackling low achievement in those three areas is one of the EU’s 5 key targets for education and training. The aim is that by 2020, less than 15% of 15-year-olds should be classed as ‘low-achieving’ in those basic skills, as measured by PISA tests.

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