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New documents published by Eurydice

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financingA new report on Financing Schools in Europe: Mechanisms, Methods and Criteria in Public Funding, has been published by the EACEA. This report provides a framework for understanding the structure of funding systems for public sector school level education in Europe. It also delivers a short comparative analysis of the authority levels involved, and methods and criteria used for determining the level of resources for financing school education. It is a starting point for dialogue and peer-learning between countries. A public debate on funding will be organised as a part of the Lifelong Learning Week 2014, which will be organised by EUCIS-LLL in December in Brussels. Soon you will be able to find more information about the Lifelong Learning Week 2014 on the following website. Another document has been published by Eurydice, namely the Recommended Annual Instruction instruction timeTime in Full-time Compulsory Education in Europe 2013/14. This publication presents recommended minimum annual instruction time in full-time compulsory general education. In other words, it concerns the notional workload for the students as it is based on regulations or standards of the central education authorities or as established as a set of recommendations at regional level. 

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