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Call for submissions – eLearning papers issue on MOOCs and Beyond

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eLearning Papers is currently welcoming submissions which address the challenges and future of Massive Open Online Courses, a trend in education that has skyrocketed since 2008. Issue 33, MOOCs and Beyond, seeks to both generate debate, and coalesce a variety of critical perspectives into a fruitful body of research.

Suggested focus areas:

  • Experiences speaking to the design, implementation or assessment of a MOOC.
  • Empirical evaluation of MOOCs.
  • The impact of MOOCs within Higher Education.
  • Learning analytics and MOOCs.
  • Peer-to-peer learning and MOOCs.
  • Analyses of the impact and reach of MOOCs – considering course completion, global recognition.
  • Challenging the MOOC concept: how “massive” is massive, how “open” is open?
  • Possible MOOC off-line elements. Should we be talking about MOOLEs (Massive Open Online Learning Environments) and MOOLCs (Massive Open Online Learning Communities) instead?
  • Design patterns and principles of MOOCs.

Read the full  Call for Submissions – MOOCs .

Deadline: April 8th 2013.

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