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“Bazaar: Learn and Exchange at the Market Place” project – Transferability Tool Kit and Book of the Wor(l)d now available online

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BAZAARThe biggest challenge migrants face is learning the native language – without it their prospects are much lower. The solution seems obvious, but significant numbers of migrants do not sign up to learn the language. The Bazaar project has identified that informal engagement with these migrants is the key that opens up their path to learning. Partners from five EU countries used a learner centred approach that engages migrants in the places and environments they find comfortable, with the support of trusted peer mentors from their communities. This approach has proved to be so successful that some training providers have either adopted the methodology or asked Bazaar partners to collaborate in engaging with learners. As part of the project, innovative final outputs, including the Transferability Tool Kit and the Book of the Wor(l)d are now available online.

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