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Conference on Pluralism in Assessment

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Governments rely more and more on quantitative measures to assess students and have increased the frequency of testing in general. Standardised testing is supposed to hold teachers and schools accountable by making students’ performance comparable and by ranking schools. They are also supposed to offer guidance to teachers on what to teach and when to teach it, by promoting a certain (standardised) instructional framework. This conference intends to look into the effects of standardized testing and assessment on both teachers and learners. Furthermore, the conference aims at identifying alternative forms of evaluation and assessment that are process-oriented and truly fit the needs of a holistic educational system, which fosters creativity, motivation and self-confidence. It seeks to answer the question, how assessment for learning can be promoted and how the vision of pluralism in assessment can be realized. Co-organised by UEF and ECSWE, it will take place in Luxembourg on 15 January 2016. Registrations are open.

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