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Teachers’ salaries increased in 16 European countries in 2013/2014: is it enough to face shortages?

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In 2013/2014, teachers saw their salaries increase in 16 European countries (BE, DK, DE, EE, FR, HR, LU, HU, MT, AT, SK, FI, UK, NO, MK, TR) compared with the previous school year, according to a Eurydice report carried out for the European Commission. The rises were chiefly due to salary reforms and adjustments to the cost of living. The survey covers teachers and school heads at pre-primary, primary, lower secondary and upper secondary level. In about half of the 33 European countries featured in the report, teachers’ purchasing power in 2014 is still below the 2009 level. Many countries in Europe are facing shortages of teachers and looking at their working conditions is strategic for the performance and modernisation of our education and training systems.

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