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Social investment package, one year after: stock-taking and new scoreboard

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The  2013  Social  Investment  Package  (S.I.P) is  meant  to  be  the  answer  to  the modernisation of EU social policies through a comprehensive series  of  non-binding recommendations for structural reforms in Member States (see EUCIS-LLL infonote for members). In the field of education and training, the SIP contains a Recommendation on “Investing in children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage” based on three pillars (access to adequate resources, to affordable quality services and children’s right to participate). Following up on these recommendations, the Commission has created a European Platform for Investing in Children which collects and disseminates good practices in such areas as early childhood education and care or parenting support. It is also organising capacity-building seminars in particular in Member States which have received Country Specific Recommendations on fighting child poverty. All progress achieved can be found in the new SIP Roadmap published in February.

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