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S&D Group Conference on the Erasmus+ programme and its implementation

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erasmusplusIn the prospect of the European Parliament’s upcoming Erasmus+ implementation report and of the December 2017 mid-term review, the S&D Group invited a large range of stakeholders (policy-makers, NGOs, national agencies, etc.) to take part in a discussion on the effective implementation of the Erasmus+ programme, on 21 October in Brussels. It was both an opportunity to take stock of the two first years of the new Erasmus+ programme and for the beneficiaries to make suggestions to improve its implementation. While Silvia Costa, Chairman of the Education and Culture committee, stated that Erasmus+ was the EU’s most successful programme, Martin Reicherts, Director General of DG EAC, congratulated on having exceeded the million people who benefited from an Erasmus+ mobility and called for a continued and strong support for Erasmus+.

International Erasmus+ Conference held by the French-speaking Belgian, French and Luxembourgish agencies

The French, French-speaking Belgium and Luxembourg national Erasmus+ agencies held a joint international conference in Brussels on 13-14 October. During two days, a large number of stakeholders (policy-makers, regional authorities, teachers and trainers, NGOs, etc.) were invited to work on and discuss the questions of validation and employability in Europe. They called for more mobility, a better validation of the competences acquired in formal, non-formal and informal settings, the promotion of the craft industry and for more social harmonisation in the context of new “Uber” economy. The conference also questioned the relevance of the European tools in the international labour market reality and what competences this reality calls for. Very practical suggestions were made in order to improve the Europass, to foster successful validation systems and to increase the employability of the European youth. EurActiv published a synthesis of the conference.

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