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The ‘EU Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review Spring 2016′ of the European Commission highlights slow but consistent economic recovery. It is recorded that the activity rate increases, especially in the 55+ age group. The activity rate for 60-64 year old adults is now very close to that of young people of 15-24 years. Nonetheless, the latest data also confirms enormous inequalities and large differences in employment within and between countries. Educational qualifications are still the best insurance against unemployment. The ‘Agenda for New Skills and Jobs’ is heading towards these challenges, thus we have to offer more flexible learning pathways for European citizens and help individuals, institutions and employers to take into account individual progression. The average unemployment rate in the EU-28 for those aged between 25 and 64 having attained at most a lower secondary education was 18.2%, much higher than the rate of unemployment for those that had obtained a tertiary education qualification (6.6%) (Eurostat, 2016).

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