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Parliament conditions not met, EU budget adoption postponed to November

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While the deal between EU institutions on the Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020 (MFF) was supposed to be finalised this month with a vote expected for this week’s Parliament plenary sitting, MEPs estimated that conditions for adoption were not met and that the MFF would be examined in the November session (see BUDG Committee Chair summary on 22 October extraordinary meeting). Due to heavy administrative processes after the November vote, the implementation of the MFF by January 2014 could even be threatened (the 2013 budget would then apply for 2014). Erasmus+ (read new Parliament working document for a summary of negotiations) and number of other EU programmes cannot be finalised either if the EU budget is not approved, but this should not entail delays in the release of calls for proposals by the end of the year. See also the state of negotiations for the 2014 budget.

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