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New Council Conclusions on the 2014 European Semester and education and training

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On 24 February Member States adopted new Conclusions on “Efficient and Innovative Education and Training to Invest in Skills – supporting the 2014 European Semester” responding to the publication of the 2014 Annual Growth Survey and the 2012 Commission’s Communication on “Opening Up Education“.In the field of education and training, the 2014 AGS had recommended protecting longer-term investments in education to further modernise education and training systems including lifelong learning and VET, in order to reach EU2020 headline targets, raise EU citizens’ levels of basic skills and facilitate transitions from education to the labour market (insisting on a swift implementation of Youth Guarantee schemes). Member States in their recent Conclusions committed to intensify their efforts in terms of long-term investment in efficient, modern, high quality but also inclusive education and training (with a focus on disadvantaged learners); a special emphasis has been put on digital learning, as well as the validation of skills acquired through web-based learning.

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