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Last Committee for Culture and Education – MEPs back to school

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Italian presidency priorities were presented in CULT Committee on 4 September where Minister for Education Stefania Giannini repeated key priorities for the mandate: better linking education, growth and development, fostering entrepreneurial mindsets, supporting teachers, bridging the digital divide, improving the efficiency of Erasmus+, internationalising education and in particular doctoral education, ensuring well-being at school and teaching humanities at an early age, following up on literacy policies, etc. MEPs mostly reacted by asking how those targets could be concretely achieved and how resources would be allocated. Some of them also defended a right balance between technical skills and humanities, sometimes undermined by too much emphasis on certain types of competences such as entrepreneurship. The study “Dual education: a bridge over trouble waters” was also presented to MEPs, examining latest policy developments in dual education and training systems over Europe.

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