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Eurostat data monitors Europe 2020 targets for early-school leaving and higher education attainment

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Figures for 2011 released by Eurostat in the framework of the Labour Force Survey show great variations across Europe when it comes to reach the targets set for 2020: less than 10% of early-school leavers and at least 40% of young people with degree-level qualifications (see the statistics and quality profiles). Progress is observed in most of member states but while some countries are close the target like Cyprus (11,2% of school-leavers) or Slovenia (37,9% of higher education degrees), the situation remains worrying in others (Malta with 33,5% of early-school leavers or Italy with 20,3% of higher education degrees). Malta and Italy are among the member states urged to make progress through the Country-specific recommendations issued in May 2012. See the press release from the Commission.

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