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European Commission Work Programme 2015

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Every year, the European Commission adopts a plan of action for the next 12 months. This isthe first Work Programme to be presented by the Juncker Commission, which took office on 1 November 2014. It translates into actions the Political Guidelines on the basis of which President Juncker was elected Commission President. It reflects the new Commission’s political commitment to an approach more focused on priorities and on results. Time and energy are to be invested in those proposals that will have the biggest impact on jobs and growth. Therefore the Commission is proposing only a limited number of new proposals and to withdraw or amend 80 proposals (out of the 450 examined). The Commission will await the views of the European Parliament and the Council on these proposals before confirming the withdrawals in the coming months. The Work Programme concentrates on a limited set of concrete initiatives – only where EU action is more effective – such as the € 315 billion Investment Package, an ambitious Digital Single Market packagecreating a European Energy Union, a New Policy on Migration and a Fair Taxation Environment. The need to invest in skills is mentioned in two new initiatives: «Promoting integration and employability in the labour market» for which the European Commission «is identifying ways to invest in knowledge and skills with particular attention being paid to the most vulnerable groups such as young unemployed people and the long term unemployed» and the «European Agenda on Migration».

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