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Empowering girls through education in the EU

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On the 9 September a non-legislative resolution on gender equality measures in public education was approved by 408 votes to 236, with 40 abstentions. Rapporteur Liliana Rodrigues (S&D, PT) said: “We are still living in an unequal Europe. Progress has been made, but women continue to be a prime target for discrimination and violence. I believe that school plays a fundamental role in changing this state of affairs.” The resolution aims to ensure the equality and empowerment of girls through education, comply with the Istanbul Convention as a tool to prevent gender discrimination, create a school culture of gender equality, critically oversee the curricula and educational materials, ensure gender equality with regard to personal and professional decisions and improve the percentage of women in positions of responsibility and in senior positions. EUCIS-LLL welcomes this resolution that reflects some of the main concerns expressed by civil society.

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