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Education for Sustainable Development an integral part of the climate change solution

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At the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference, (Conference of Parties 21 – COP21, 195 parties involved negotiated and adopted the “Paris agreement”, which marks a significant step for the reduction of climate change. As part of the conference, education for sustainable development had a spotlight for an entire thematic day. Namely, it is already included in the Agenda 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 13), as well as in Article 6 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. However, as UNESCO Director Irina Bokova said, we have to continue changing mindsets, because without education we cannot have sustainable development. She laid out three crucial actions to move forward: integrating sustainable development more deeply into national education systems; giving teachers the knowledge, resources and skills to fulfil their role as change agents, and creating stronger and more innovative partnerships.

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