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Education and Training Monitor 2014 out now

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education-and-training-monitor-2014The report brings together the latest quantitative and qualitative data, recent technical reports and studies, plus policy documents and developments. While focused on empirical evidence, each section in the Monitor has clear policy messages for the Member States and it supports the implementation of the strategic framework “Education and Training 2020”. It also stresses out some important points advocated for by EUCIS-LLL, such as reducing the number of early-school leavers, combating social exclusion, reducing low achievement in key basic competences and the funding of education. The Education and Training Monitor 2014 is accompanied by twenty-eight country reports, as well as a visualisation tool to evaluate the performance and progress of the Member States in relation to the ET 2020 targets. See EUCIS-LLL reaction to the publication of the Monitor.

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