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Study Launch: When competences become occupational opportunities How informal and non-formal learning can be recognised and used in Europe?

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When competences become occupational opportunities. How informal and non-formal learning can be recognised and used in Europe

When-competences-become-occupational-opportunities-lll-pThis brochure looks at the education policy challenges which arise in respect of the validation of non-formal and informal learning in Europe focusing on persons with low levels of formal qualification. It builds upon a study (see Gaylor, Schöpf, & Severing, 2015 for the Summary in German) on the recognition of non-formal and informal learning that was conducted within the scope of a Bertelsmann Stiftung project entitled “Continuing training for all”.  The object of investigation was the current nature of such procedures in eight European countries.

In the continuation of this work, which is based upon the examples of good practice identified in the study, possible courses of action are developed which are directed towards decision makers in the European Union and its member states at a policymaking, economic and societal level.

This European publication is co-edited with the Lifelong Learning Platform. The aim is to structure education systems in such a way so as to render them accessible also to persons with a low level of formal qualifications.  It fosters the idea that we can learn from each other in order to make lifelong learning a reality for all.

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