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Meeting on Skills Agenda with Ana Carla Pereira, head of the Skills Unit, DG Employment

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The main priorities of the upcoming EC Skills Agenda for Europe (May) are ensuring more relevant skills for all, promoting their better visibility and use and understanding better skills needs and trends in the labour market. Together with the EYF, the LLLPlatform and its members met Ms Pereira on 15 March in order to present our views. The LLLP welcomes the announced emphasis on the refugee and migrant integration, recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning, acquisition of life skills and support for quality VET. The LLLP stressed though the need to integrate agendas on the national level into comprehensive lll strategies, implement outreach strategies with concrete action plans and build bridges between education, employment and social policies in a reinforced dialogue with civil society. You can also find out more about the positions of ESU and EPA on their websites!

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