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“Volunteering and skills”, a portfolio for students

Volunteering -

This initiative launched by Animafac, the French students’ organisations network, has the purpose of helping students to identify and value skills that have been acquired and developed thanks to volunteering experience in view of their future professional integration.
It developed a portfolio of competences to enable students to describe their volunteering experiences and translate the competences, skills and knowledge they acquired into a skills language understandable by employers. Animafac organises tutoring sessions for volunteers consisting of group work sessions in which each participant fills in his/her portfolio with the help of the others and writes an extract of his/her resume in which they point out the skills developed thanks to their volunteering experiences. After that they meet human resources professionals who give them advice on how to make them stand out on a resume, a letter of intent or during a job interview. This process allows students to take stock of what they have learnt and helps them to redefine or clarify their professional goals and see how to achieve them as workers but also as citizens. The portfolio and methodology are available online for those interested.

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Organisation : EFEC

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