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 eScouts is an Intergenerational Learning Circle for Community Service made up by eight partners, whose goal is to develop an innovative intergenerational learning exchange between elderly and young volunteers, centred on the development of the digital competences of the eldest and on the guidance to the youngest via social media. That should enable them to better face their upcoming adult life challenges with the support of various local organisations like youth and elderly associations, with a broader objective of producing a transversal impact over the communities they are serving. The project aims therefore at using ICT as a vehicle for the promotion of intergenerational exchange in the line of the European “Digital Agenda for Europe”.

eScouts is realized by 8 European partners from Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany, UK and Bulgaria. The Consortium is an excellent blend of experience and skills related to education and learning with the two principle target groups, research and development, work with marginalized groups, communication and dissemination of culture. The skill-set of the participating organizations allows them to successfully carry out their work, not only individually, but also because of their prior experience of working together in other partnership projects. The work plan is appropriately balanced with regard to tasks and division of labor, according to the profiles of the organizations.

Organisation: ARCI

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