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E-Learning Module for volunteers on Online Chat Help – The Listening Eye

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The Listening Eye is a free, anonymous online chat aiming at everyone who is or feels isolated and who wants to have a conversation about something he/she cannot talk about in his/her own social environment. Volunteers’ support consists in listening carefully, questioning, thinking and deploying empathy. The group of volunteers consists of men and women between 18 and 85 years old. They come from different backgrounds (student, housewife, manager, shopkeeper, employees, etc.) and live all around the Netherlands and abroad. Volunteers are all trained and supported by professional project coordinators. Most of the participants are women (75%) 35 years old or less (72%). They talk about loneliness, sad feelings, family relationships, psychological problems, mourning, violence, identity or health. 91% of the participants indicate that they had a good conversation and 84% indicate that the conversation was very useful. Humanitas Chat can be reached 365 days a year. “When the website was published in 2006, we had twelve volunteers. Today, around 4,200 conversations are made per year by more than 80 volunteers”. In 2010 Humanitas launched an eBuddy project to offer participants the opportunity to get involved in long-term contact with a volunteer. After the success of this inititi ave, Humanitas is now working on other related projects, like a chat aimed at young people (14-18 years).

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