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“Volunteering and skills” is an initiative launched by the students network ANIMAFAC in order to help students to identify and assess the skills gained during a volunteering period to prepare for their professional insertion. Volunteering offers a non-formal or informal learning experience that needs to be recognised at four interconnected levels: personal, social, educational and professional.

During their volunteering period volunteers can have responsibilities that they would not have had elsewhere, for example managing teams and projects. It is a way of developing their own potential and skills that are relevant for their employability. But one has to be aware of what learning he/she acquired before it can be recognised. As soon as you can identify your skills, you are able to value them in a social, educational or professional perspective. In that sense, the portfolio developed by ANIMAFAC works as a self-assessment tool that enables volunteers to describe their experiences and the skills they have acquired. Four main transversal skills were identified: communication, administration, team management and interpersonal skills and project management.

The initiative is based on a progressive methodology and provides key advice on how to present a volunteering experience on a resume or during a job interview. Animafac also proposes tutoring sessions for volunteers consisting of group work sessions followed by an exchange with human resources professionals who give them further advice for their resume and for preparing a job interview. As a result, these sessions helped volunteers to value their voluntary engagement and improve their self-esteem. This is particularly important for students who often feel unsafe about their future professional life.










More about this initiative can be found on their website.

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Organisation : ANIMAFAC is a French network and resource centre for students’ organisations, offering tools and spaces for dialogue to over 12000 organisations.

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