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VALEU project, transferring validation models

Good practices, Validation of learning -

The project has the purpose of creating a pilot methodology for recognition and validation of vocational skills gained through work experience and competencies acquired through informal and non-formal learning in services and tourism as a tool fostering integration of immigrants and mobile workers in the new EU Member States. The project goal is achieved via transferring the functioning model of the countries with developed validation systems and practice such as Denmark and Portugal to the new Member States Bulgaria and Romania and the applicant county of Turkey where, due to the conservative state dominated education systems or to language and cultural barriers, access to individual learning paths and recognition of prior competence is underdeveloped. This transfer will support the flexibility and labour market adequacy of these education systems as it is in the “old” Member States. Indeed, the full-right participation of immigrants in the European labour market is integrally linked to the recognition of their vocational skills and upgrading of their professional performance. The added value of this model is its transferability to other economic sectors.

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Organisation : SOLIDAR

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