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Strengthening individual learning pathways by developing skills assessment tools for workers, SOLIDAR

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GB-Bildungswerk (project leader), SOLIDAR, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS), Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund (ABF), Fagligt Internationalt Center (FIC), and European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) worked on the project “Promoting the Agenda for New Skills and Jobs: Strengthening individual learning pathways by developing skills assessment tools for workers” aiming to support social partners in the development of taxonomy of personal skills and competences and innovative assessment tools that could enable workers to bridge the skills mismatch and offer them individual learning pathways.

This project specifically focused on integrating learning and career guidance, lifelong learning pathways of workers that are vulnerable to economic restructuring. More specifically the project focused on: re-skilling and up-skilling of adults, especially those with low-level qualifications, who seek for a continuing improvement and recognition of their skills, competences and knowledge in order to increase their labour market participation and facilitate development of further learning pathways.

One of the important achievements of this project is that it brought together a wide range of stakeholders who are involved in education and training on a daily basis – workers, representatives of Trade Union education institutes from different EU countries – and throughout the course of the project helped to find a common notions of understanding on the different aspects of recognition and validation mechanisms. All of them were offered a possibility to start a dialogue and find answers, and possible cooperation fields to the similar problems they are confronted with.

Nevertheless, the most significant accomplishment of this project is the development of the working assessment methodology that will considerably have an impact on improving career and further learning perspectives of workers who are vulnerable to economic restructuring, and seek for skills upgrading. The developed assessment programme is unique in its approach to skills and competence assessment, due its focus on the ‘general scope’ of competences and including the “soft skills” that are an essential part of the qualification portfolio. Insofar, this approach has a potential of being a people’s empowerment tool and assessment instrument in one.

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Organisation : SOLIDAR

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