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Virtual European Prison School

Social inclusion -

The main aim of the project is to increase the participation of prisoners in lifelong learning in order to enable their reintegration into society after release. The project is designed to reinforce the role of educational policies in prisons taking into consideration the Recommendation R(89)12 of the Council of Europe. The project seeks to find solutions to current identified needs in terms of teaching and learning in European prisons, and to develop strategic policy statements aimed at penitentiary systems’ decision-makers at European level. The project aims will be achieved by means of appropriate activities carried out by experienced professionals in this specific field.
The project will help to use the best existing practices in prisons in an innovative way. There are plans to transfer, adapt and test effective models from three countries (IE, SE, NO) into four other prison systems (BG, CZ, EL, UK).
The technology of that transfer will be published on the project website, which will serve as a Virtual European Prison School (VEPS) for the wide European Prison Education Association (EPEA) membership in 35 European countries, and will give a real European dimension to the project.

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Organisation : EAEA

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