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“VET4e-I”, e-facilitators contributing to social inclusion

Social inclusion -

“VET4e-Inclusion” is a project supported by the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme (2009-2011) and carried out by a consortium of 7 organisations from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Bulgaria. The project aims at preparing for the recognition of the emerging professional profile of the e-facilitator for social inclusion, working with people who are at risk of exclusion. The project team believes that supporting the access to ICT enables people at risk of social exclusion and poverty to achieve digital literacy and gain access to e-services (job search, administrative applications, leisure and creativity, etc.) that are required nowadays for inclusion in a European Information Society.
This is why they focused on the intermediary key player that can facilitate this process, the e-facilitator. Basing its reflections on the results of a research project on e-facilitators’ profiles, the team developed an online training curriculum adapted to meet the e-facilitators’ needs. Tested by nearly 400 participants, the pilot curriculum has been very positively evaluated and the project team is now proceeding to the final stages. The aim is to support the recognition of the professional competences of e-facilitators for social inclusion.

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Organisation : FEEC

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