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Union Learning Representatives

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In 2003, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) introduced Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) as a new type of union activist to encourage workers to improve their skills through lifelong learning and undertaking workplace training. All ULRs are given training for their role by either the TUC, accredited through the Open College Network, or through their own union. In 2009/10 a total of 233,458 learners were supported by the 25,341 ULRs that have been trained since 1999. UnionLearn also publishes handbooks to support unions and their ULRs in negotiating and brokering learning opportunities and to support their members in that learning. UnionLearn also undertakes research on the role of unions in developing and promoting learning and skills, identifies and shares good practice, promotes learning agreements, supports union members on learning and skills bodies, and helps to shape Sector Skills Agreements. This initiative has been instrumental in raising interest in training and development, especially among the lowest skilled workers and those with literacy and numeracy needs. More details on the project were given in the “Restructuring Tool Box” published by EVTA, the European Vocational Training Association.

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Organisation : EVTA

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