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“Transitionary workshops”, to fight early school leaving

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“Transition workshops” (Ateliers Relais) is an initiative aimed at taking care of teenagers who are at risk of dropping out of the first level of secondary education thanks to a specialised team proposing an “another way to school” approach. It is based on the idea that the quality of the teaching environment is instrumental in allowing children to feel happy at school. Early school dropouts are in fact children who are in pain, for whom school represents a hostile environment and who were never “hooked on it”. The added value of these workshops is that educators do not underestimate the capacity of these children to learn. They rather encourage them not to be afraid of the effort of learning which requires a minimum amount of self-esteem. This project tries to palliate the fact that schools are not welcoming enough for all pupils and it aims to bring these teenagers back to school, who experienced difficulties in standard education. The project was launched by the French Ministry of Education a few years ago and is run by Popular Education Movements including CEMEA or Ligue de l’enseignement.

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Organisation : FICEMEA - EFFE

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