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“Too Cool For School”, promoting diversity in schools

Social inclusion -

“Too Cool for School” was a Europe-wide campaign run by the Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU) within the framework of the Council of Europe’s campaign “All Different – All Equal” for the promotion of social inclusion and diversity in schools. For many years OBESSU has been working on the inclusion of all kinds of students in regular schools, since the association believes schools should reflect the diversity of the surrounding society and in this sense prepare students for it. Diversity, which is represented by physically impaired students, representatives of various ethnic, social, religious and sexual groups and others who are often excluded in educational institutions, can offer real possibilities for a more qualitative and respectful educational climate and it also helps us to learn from each other, to share thoughts and make us even more open to new ideas and visions. The campaign set the basis for future OBESSU’s project related to social inclusion in school, tackling various issues as gender-equality (2008), exclusion based on economic background (2010) and disabilities (2012).


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Organisation : OBESSU

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