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The Swedish Adult Education Initiative (AEI)

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The Adult Education Initiative (1997-2002) is a five-year programme that represents the largest ever investment in adult education in Sweden. The initiative followed four vital perspectives: the renewal of labour market and education policies, more equitable distribution and increased economic growth. The aim was to provide those in greatest need with an opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge and was primarily targeted at unemployed people who completely or partly lacked three-year upper secondary school qualifications. It also aimed to reform and develop the adult education sector in Sweden. Around 800,000 people raised their educational level to an average level corresponding to one year of upper secondary level. The initiative was mainly applied to municipal adult education, but folk high schools were also involved. During the years of the AEI, the government annually financed an average of 100,000 places in municipal adult education and 10,000 places at folk high schools. The Swedish Government and Parliament made it possible for a number of new folk high schools to get up and running. The same was true for municipal adult education to a somewhat lower extent.

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