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“Stop Dropout Project”, fighting early school leaving

Social inclusion -

The objective of this project is to implement best practices with regard to teaching, training and administrative methods that can reduce school dropout rates. This project is based on the belief that youngsters who do not complete an education programme are a substantial problem in many EU countries and that initiatives to improve teachers’ competencies in involving the students and increasing quality of education programmes within vocational colleges are important components in the effort to overcome this situation. In keeping with this, the project provides tools for teachers and counsellors based on three components: a Risk Detector, the Personal Profile and the Flexible Prevention and Support System. An interactive electronic questionnaire is the first step in recognising pupils who are at risk of leaving school early and which kind of support would make sense. With the help of a conversation guide, counsellors very quickly find out the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the pupils and put together a strategy in order to be able to reach the educational objectives in a more efficient way. In addition to
this, a needs-based compound network from involved relatives as well as professionals should support the young learners in reaching their aims.

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Organisation : EfVET

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