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SocialErasmus, international students volunteering in their local communities

Social inclusion -

Erasmus is an opportunity to get to know new cultures and education systems and can be a kind of life inspiration. The aim of the SocialErasmus project is to allow international students to benefit as much as possible from their hosting local community and enrich the latter thanks to their international background. It also aims to promote a social attitude amongst international students all over Europe. The latter are invited to volunteer within the framework of the SocialErasmus project under three main areas of action: education, charity and environment.
Best practices in the education field include information sessions in schools “Europe at School”, in the environmental sphere planting trees to raise awareness “Erasmus Forest” as well as ecological and cultural events and charity events based on offering foreign language classes.
The project enables people to experience something new and to gain new perspectives as well as learn more about European cultures, which go well beyond what they would have learnt in a classroom. SocialErasmus was launched in 2008 in Poland and rapidly proved to be a big success. ESN thus decided to transfer this experience to other countries and it became an ESN International level project in 2010.

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Organisation : ESN

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