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“School Re-enrolment”

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The innovative approach of FREREF to school dropout assumes that life vicissitudes have a lot to do with giving up on learning and that this phenomenon should be seen in an holistic perspective, taking into account fundamental elements such as motivation, self-confidence, etc. FREREF has investigated around twenty life stories to comprehend how this process of disengaging and reengaging functions and to draw up an inventory of support practices for re-engagement. The working group that conducted the research met from 2007 to 2010 in the framework of a FREREF (five European regions) – Quebec. The regions agreed on nine common principles that should guide their political action on accompanying re-enrolment and provide a common culture on the subject, while respecting the specificity and operational framework of each member. This led to the creation of professional and personal knowledge for participants as well as the empowerment of the practitioners.

FREREF is a network of European regions for exchange and cooperation in the field of education and training. FREREF valorises all actors of the educational world: local decision-makers, social partners, researchers, practitioners and various professionals. FREREF aims at serving the Regions by implementing actions as tools for interregional cooperation, for instance with the “UNI 21” research network or the European Summer School for Lifelong Learning.

Organisation: FREREF

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