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Lire et Faire Lire, senior volunteering for learning to read

Social inclusion -

This project aims to develop the pleasure of reading and inter-generational solidarity amongst children attending primary schools and other learning structures such as recreation centres, kindergartens or libraries. It is supported by a national association of the same name which was established in 1999 and it is implemented in each French Department by coordinators of two national associations: la Ligue de l’Enseignement and l’Union Nationale des Associations Familiales (UNAF). A committee of writers with more than 120 members have been supporting “Lire et Faire Lire” since its creation. At the request of teachers or animators and in accordance with the school educational practices, 50 year-old volunteers offer their free time to stimulate children’s interest in reading and encourage their approach to literature. Reading sessions are organised in small groups, once or several times per week. In 2009-2010 more than 800 training days were organised to train the volunteers. The number of educational structures involved in implementing the project and the number of volunteers involved is regularly increasing. More than 12,000 volunteers were active in almost 6,000 educational institutions in 2011.

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Organisation : FEEC

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