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Les visas du savoir, basic skills training for all

Social inclusion -

The French Region Centre has implemented an ambitious training policy to enable its citizens to acquire the basic skills necessary for their autonomy and social inclusion. The aim is to fight against different forms of exclusion but also to strengthen the competitiveness of the region. Its ambition is thus social and economic. Training was provided to local public services in order to offer training on 7 sets of basic skills such as reading, writing, learning to learn, digital competence (involving different uses of ICT), social competences or foreign languages. The network “Libres Savoirs” aims to allow each citizen to access, close to his/her home, a training facility that is attractive, efficient and accessible on demand. Today more than 70 training centres are implementing the 7 “Visas” dedicated to basic skills with the support of the European Social Fund. The aim is to reach out to as many learners as possible and notably those with lower qualifications. Access is open and free. A key element in this project is to support individualised learning pathways and to serve as a first step towards further training or education. Since 2004, more than 250,000 visas have been granted and over 25,000 learners have been trained each year. This project is further analysed in the “Restructuring Tool Box” published by EVTA.

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Organisation : EVTA

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