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“Learning to learn” in non-formal adult education

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In this international two-year project supported by the Grundtvig programme, a European network of seven organisations pooled their efforts to develop, implement and analyse innovative approaches in the field of nonformal adult education. Since the network considers the “Learning to Learn” competence as the most crucial key competence for lifelong learning, it aims at supporting educational staff to acquire and develop competences and methodologies needed for implementing this concept of learning. In particular the project has the purpose of maturing the skills enabling the learners to plan, organise, implement and assess their own learning.
During a practice analysis phase, twenty-seven educational activities all over Europe were followed and analysed, partly by on the spot interviews and observations and partly by online questionnaires. This was followed by an evaluation seminar and the publication of a research report that set the basis for a handbook that can be used to inform and inspire facilitators to introduce these methodologies and approaches to their practices of adult education.

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