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Learning across the ages

Social inclusion -

In January 2010 AUSER, an Italian volunteer organisation, sought to promote active ageing and support the right of older people to continue to play an active role on a social level. Together with the Italian Confederation of Trade Unions, the Union of Retired Workers and the School and Knowledge Workers Trade Union, AUSER proposed a popular initiative bill to the President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies on lifelong learning. It proposes to guarantee the right to lifelong learning by ensuring training opportunities for everyone, to intercept weak demand and remove obstacles to the return in training, to build a national, public, integrated and decentralised lifelong learning system and to promote an integrated plan of formal and non-formal supply, able to evaluate and recognise informal learning too. Furthermore, AUSER called on the European Commission to play a key role in the drafting of national lifelong learning policies and on the European Parliament to ensure a strong link between decisions taken at the European level and European citizens’ interests and expectations. 130,000 signatures were collected and the bill is currently being presented to the Chamber of Deputies thus opening the legal proceedings.

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